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Case Study

Improving Strategic Decision-Making by Reducing Time-to-Insight


Deliver real-time and on-demand market analytics to a team of 50+ analysts and business operators


Build an analytic infrastructure using Alteryx & Tableau to blend, model, and store all data sources, and visualize results.


Strategic planning was transformed from an annual activity to a critical aspect of their day-to-day decision-making process


was dramatically decreased – reduced a 3-4 month process to a real-time application

Reduced costs

Saved $300K annually due to personnel expenses


The Market Intelligence Group at a national homebuilder, PulteGroup, reached out to The Simple VUE to explore ways to deliver robust strategic analytics capabilities to their analysts and business operators at scale. They knew that there were better ways to empower their organization to use data to make critical business decisions. Before our engagement, their strategic planning process would take 4 analysts about 3-4 months to create static reports that would only be used once.


The Solution

By utilizing the power of Alteryx, we were able to completely automate the data ingesting, cleansing, and storing processes. We were also able to perform and automate advanced and geo-spatial analytics on their data. The results were output to Tableau where we created a suite of data visualizations and analytic tools. This tool was called the “Strategy Toolkit”.

On-demand and in-depth analysis of any of their markets

Analytic tools to help prioritize land acquisition efforts based on consumer targets

Analytic tools to help operators price communities based on real-time competitor pricing data

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