At The Simple VUE, we utilize state-of-the-art technology architecture to provide reliable solutions for our diverse clientele. Our approach integrates data sciences and engineering to refine customer experiences and operational efficiency. With scalability comes significant opportunities; thus, we lead transformation through data-driven decisions, aiming to elevate customer satisfaction and drive business growth.

We’re seeking individuals capable of fully automating complex processes and thriving in environments where discussions on statistics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are commonplace. Ideal candidates are passionate about continuous learning, enjoy exploring data, and excel in collaborating with business partners from ideation to implementation.

Applicants should hold an advanced degree in a quantitative field and demonstrate proficiency in programming languages such as R, Python, SAS, or SPSS, with expertise in Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Artificial Intelligence for predictive modeling.

Our clients trust our insights to navigate the marketplace and address challenges effectively. We prioritize improving decision-making, enhancing business performance, leveraging risk and compliance efforts as opportunities, and creating enduring value for our clients.


Project & Program Management

Lead diverse projects to success, overseeing timelines, resources, and stakeholders to achieve strategic goals efficiently and effectively.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Pioneer cutting-edge AI/ML solutions, leveraging data insights to drive innovation and create impactful applications across industries.

Cloud Computing Technologies

Harness the power of cloud platforms, architecting scalable and secure solutions to optimize performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for businesses.

Agile Software Development

Champion Agile methodologies, collaborating cross-functionally to deliver high-quality software iteratively, adaptively responding to customer needs and market demands.

Data Management & Integration

Master data lifecycle, designing robust systems to collect, organize, and integrate data, ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and reliability for informed decision-making.

Data Analysis & Visualization

Transform data into actionable insights, employing advanced analytics and visualization techniques to uncover patterns, trends, and opportunities for informed decision-making.