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Data-Driven Services

If data is the new oil, then knowing how to refine it into actionable intelligence will be what fuels growth in the future. Leverage the power of data for actionable business insights. 

At The Simple VUE, we help businesses fully exploit the power of data and technology for actionable business insights. We work together with our clients to build valuable and scalable solutions that empower their organizations to use data to solve their most critical business problems. Our engagements range from use-case-specific applications to full-scale analytics transformations. Our teams of consultants, data analysts, data scientists, and engineers work together with clients to identify opportunities, assess available data, define solutions, develop optimal analytic infrastructure, ingest data, and visualize outputs while building capabilities to sustain and expand it.

Our Projects

Analytics Strategy Consulting

Many organizations have piles of data, but few have any idea what to do with it. Data comes in many forms and can be very intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. In order to compete, you need access to reliable analytics to drive every decision. Our services include:

  • Data & Analytics Strategy

  • Implementation Roadmap

  • Enterprise Adoption Strategy

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Data Analytics & Visualization

Your organization's time-to-insight will be significantly decreased when our team develops data solutions and visualizations designed to answer their most pressing business questions. No matter how complex or big your data is, we can support and guide you through leveraging that data for actionable insights. Our services include:

  • Holistic performance measurement and forecasting

  • Marketing optimization

  • Improved customer insights

  • Data Visualization

  • Location Intelligence

  • Analytics Software Implementation, Training, Maintenance

  • Advanced Analytics, including Machine Learning and AI

Data Management

Meet the specific needs of anyone and everyone who works with data across your enterprise when we rapidly deploy effective and scalable data integration solutions and analytic applications that democratize data. When everyone has access to meaningful analytics, you can be confident that the insights will help drive tomorrow’s performance. Our services include:

  • Data/Software Architecture, Deployment, Integration, & Security

  • Analytic Application Development

  • Big Data Analytics Support

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Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Application Development

Great applications and data are never an accident. It happens by design. By delivering comprehensive application development solutions, from planning and architecture to implementation and analysis, we ensure that your solutions go off without a hitch. Our services include:

  • Full SDLC Software/Application Development

  • Data/Software Architecture, Deployment, Integration, & Security

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