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The Simple VUE was been awarded a prestigious SBIR contract with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to spearhead the development of an AI/ML software application dedicated to combating online misinformation concerning public health crises and efforts. Our project’s vision is clear: to empower public health organizations with a proactive toolset capable of swiftly identifying misinformation narratives, devising effective strategies for mitigation, and subsequently crafting more impactful communications to the general public regarding critical health events and efforts. In phase I of this endeavor, our team achieved remarkable results, training a large language model to identify misinformation with an impressive 76% accuracy rate. Throughout this phase, we processed over 2.5 billion tweets and 250 million podcast and broadcast episodes related to the Covid-19 vaccine, classifying each conversation as either misinformation or not.


Our Solution

Discover the future of social media analysis with our groundbreaking platform. Powered by cutting-edge machine learning technology, we offer a comprehensive solution to unlock the true potential of online discourse. Say goodbye to traditional keyword analysis and hello to a new era of insightful understanding. With features like our narrative analysis tool and the powerful Retrieval Augmentation Generator (RAG), you’ll gain unprecedented insights into prevailing narratives and sub-narratives, empowering strategic decision-making like never before. But we don’t stop there – our platform is your shield against misinformation, providing a deep understanding of its spread and identifying key influencers. Seamlessly integrated with your preferred analytical tools and boasting an intuitive interface, our platform is the key to unlocking efficiency, flexibility, and unparalleled exploration of social media data.
At the core of our platform lies narrative analysis, a groundbreaking feature that redefines media monitoring and data analytics. Here’s a comprehensive overview of our key features, value proposition, and differentiation compared to current leaders in the industry:
  • Narrative Analysis: Empowering Strategic Decision-Making
    • Microservices Architecture: Operating within a microservices architecture, our platform utilizes machine learning to dissect vast amounts of social media data, extracting nuanced narratives for actionable insights.
    • Rich Contextual Understanding: By delving into overarching narratives and sub-narratives, users gain actionable insights for informed decision-making, surpassing traditional keyword frequency analysis.
    • Misinformation Mitigation: Our narrative analysis feature identifies specific narratives propagating misinformation, shedding light on influential voices and enabling users to combat falsehoods effectively.
  • Cross-Platform Narrative Analysis: Understanding Conversations Across Platforms
    • Comprehensive Coverage: Our platform allows for narrative analysis across all major platforms including Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Telegram, providing users with a holistic view of online conversations.
    • Influencer Identification: Users can understand the influencers driving conversations across different environments, gaining insights into the dynamics of online discourse and the impact of key individuals.
    • Dynamic Visualization of Narrative Evolution: Our platform visualizes narratives and how they change over time, offering users a dynamic perspective on evolving trends and topics.
  • Retrieval Augmentation Generator (RAG): Advanced Insight Engine
    • Cutting-Edge Capabilities: Our RAG, trained on a trillion tokens, integrates seamlessly with leading Large Language Models (LLMs), enhancing data retrieval and generation capabilities to unprecedented levels.
    • Enhanced Data Retrieval: Unlike traditional analytics tools that rely on simplistic keyword matching, our RAG enables users to extract nuanced insights from complex datasets with ease, ensuring comprehensive analysis and understanding.
  • Intuitive Querying Interface: Real-Time Insights
    • Natural Language Queries: Our platform offers an intuitive querying interface akin to chatting with an expert analyst, allowing users to pose queries in natural language and receive analytic results in real-time.
    • Instant Results: With instant querying capabilities, users can uncover insights quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need for manual data processing and analysis.
Differentiation from Existing Analytics Tools:
  • Comprehensive Narrative Analysis: Our platform offers unparalleled narrative analysis across multiple platforms, providing users with rich contextual understanding and actionable insights derived from in-depth social media conversations.
  • In-Depth Influencer Identification: Unlike conventional tools, our platform enables users to identify and analyze influencers across diverse environments, enhancing strategic decision-making and engagement strategies.
  • Dynamic Visualization of Narrative Evolution: Our platform’s visualization capabilities provide valuable insights for proactive decision-making and trend forecasting, setting us apart from static analysis offered by current leaders.
  • Advanced Insight Engine and Scalable Infrastructure: With our RAG and cloud-based data warehousing solution, users can extract meaningful insights from complex datasets with unparalleled accuracy, ensuring seamless performance even with large datasets. Additionally, our intuitive querying interface democratizes access to data analysis, allowing users of all skill levels to uncover insights effortlessly.
Current Progress & Next Steps:
    Our Phase II effort with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is set to commence this summer, marking the continuation of our mission to combat online misinformation related to public health efforts. Here’s a detailed overview of our planned timeline and milestones:
    • Summer 2024: Phase II Commences
      • We kick off Phase II of our project with NIH, building upon the foundation laid during Phase I.
      • Our team will dive into further development and refinement of the AI/ML software application to enhance its capabilities in identifying and mitigating online misinformation effectively.
    • Later 2024: Alpha Release
      • By the end of the year, we aim to release the alpha version of our software.
      • This alpha release will provide an early glimpse into the functionalities and features of our solution, allowing for initial feedback and testing.
    • Early 2025: Beta Release
      • In early 2025, we plan to launch the beta version of our platform.
      • The beta release will incorporate feedback from alpha testing and include additional refinements and improvements, moving us closer to a robust and reliable solution.
    • Commercialization Across Industries
      • Concurrent with our development efforts, we will begin commercializing our platform across various industries and use cases.
      • Public health organizations, media outlets, and other sectors will benefit from our solution’s ability to proactively identify and address online misinformation.
    • Collaboration with Federal Agencies
      • As we expand our reach, we anticipate collaborating with other federal agencies to tailor our platform to their unique challenges and use cases.
      • By working closely with these agencies, we aim to build additional features that address broader misinformation issues beyond public health.
    • Fundraising Initiatives
      • In 2025, we will initiate fundraising efforts to bring our robust platform to the market.
      • These funds will support further development, scaling, and deployment of our solution, ensuring its widespread availability and impact.

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