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Case Study

Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making


An Inside Sales Team at a Fortune 1000 company needed to build an analytic infrastructure that enabled real-time reporting on KPIs, specifically agent performance metrics and sales conversion rates, and democratize data across their organization.


Our client’s call-center utilizes multiple applications to manage all inbound leads across 30 divisions around the US (on-premise and cloud applications). These systems lack robust reporting and the data does not integrate across platforms. Also, their IT Department lacks resources and expertise to quickly implement a system to manage the reporting needs of this organization.


By utilizing the power of Alteryx, we were able to integrate all call-center and CRM-related data in real-time. These workflows completely automate the process of ingesting, cleansing, and storing data from 3rd party and internal applications (utilizing their APIs) into a centralized repository. Alteryx performs all of the data manipulations and disseminates individualized excel reports to the entire sales organization via email. Real-time reporting dashboards were deployed to Tableau Online where Sales leaders are able to access them on-demand.



​Because our client was able to utilize real-time dashboards to monitor the performance of the inside sales team, they were able to use data to make decisions that would ultimately affect business performance.

Key Insight: Scheduling was an immediate insight from this dashboard. By optimizing the scheduling of the agents, they were able to answer 20-30% more calls and increase lead conversion by over 15%.


Project Overview


  • Build an analytic infrastructure that allows real-time reporting on key performance metrics and democratizes data across the organization


  • Build an analytic infrastructure using Alteryx & Tableau to blend, model, and store all data sources, and visualize results.


  • Because our client was able to utilize real-time dashboards and democratized data to monitor call center performance, they were to increase their lead conversion significantly.

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